09 October 2007

Heronimus - Entry into 25th year of life :) - 27-09-2007

It all started when I noted that there was no tower to keep me connected to the outside world on 26-09-2007 after noon. OH MY GOD but I have never started a birthday with out getting blessings of my parents, how can I start this SILVER YEAR with out getting their blessings. All sorts of thoughts were roaming in my mind like ok relax tower will come soon, but as time went on to evening and then when office hours was over, the quest to find out a way to get their blessings mounted to its peak. I normally get internet connection to my PC38 from 20:00 till 21:30. When the clock in my PC ticked to 20:00 I started browsing for any opportunities to talk online. Then it struck my mind. Oh man my mobile has this feature of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Then I started searching for VoIP software for my new N95 mobile. I found a few but I encountered the following problems

1. They asked for authentication via sms (which was not possible),
2. There were lot of restrictions with respect to country usage & in few softwares India was not on list.
3. Few were only trial versions that did not support landlines or mobile as they supported only other mobiles which have installed their software.

But I was desperate to get one for sure before the clock ticked 21:30.

Finally when the digital clock in my PC38 showed 21:22 I downloaded 2 softwares out of which one was of no use and the other named “fring” worked in a different way. I can log on to Skype, MSN, ICQ, Gtalk (all at one time through this application, which is also damn fast) and can call to any mobile (symbian or windows based mobile) free of cost viz Wireless Network. The one good facility I had here is the over night WiFi connection in our residential campus. I should thank my company L&T ECCD and myself for making the place a hotspot.

While in Gtalk Caught hold of a college friend from Bangalore, talked to him, told him to inform my younger bro in Coimbatore (over phone) to com online. My bro’s hostel did not have internet connection, so he had to hack the wireless network there and logged on to Gtalk and he wished me heartily. Then an idea struck my mind, and I started asking myself “why don’t I follow it?” and here comes the climax of the day’s happenings.

“I told my bro to call my parents through his mobile and the mobile’s mic was placed near laptop’s speaker and mobile’s speaker was placed near laptop’s mic and I was able to hear my parents and vice versa crystal clear and then received their blessings in one of the strangest ways I have ever known and as far as I know no one would have done this (the last part of it) before. (There was a lag of 3-4 seconds)”

Thus I enjoyed the HiFi - WiFi Blessings from my Parents as a opening to my 25th year of my life Now the time is 12:36 and I’m still awaiting mobile tower